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Spinningcykel Lemond Revmaster Pro

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The gym expert has 10 spinning bikes in TOP CONDITION from the world-famous brand LEMOND.
Designed in collaboration with three-time Tour de France champion, Greg LeMond.

-Built for commercial or domestic use.
-The narrower crank design provides a maximum road cycle for maximum riding comfort.
-New Cam handles and increased seat and handlebar adjustment range create the best custom fit
-With 4-way micro fit, you can also ride upright or stretched out and low, which is perfect for triathletes.

Image 2: The actual bikes

-Y Next Generation X-Frame Gives you a better ride
and provides easy access to all seat, height and handlebar adjustments.

-New cam handles Comfortable and easy to use, offering faster adjustments without the hassle of pop-pins and threaded handles.

-Improved corrosion resistance New electrolytic nickel plating, stronger than stainless.

-Kevlar Belt A Kevlar belt instead of a chain. The result is a smooth and quiet ride. Our belt never needs to be replaced due to stretch or oiled like the chain bikes.

The RevMaster frame is manufactured using a 17-step
manufacturing process for quality and durability.

Weight: 65 kg
Width: 58 cm
Height: 117 cm
Length: 107 cm
Max user weight: 160 kg

The bikes are delivered serviced and with warranty remaining!

This Bike is an excellent addition to any commercial gym, business, swimming pool, association and perfect for home use.


Tekniska specifikationer

Tekniska specifikationer

Weight: 65 kg
Width: 58 cm
Height: 117 cm
Length: 107 cm
Max user weight: 160 kg

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